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Saffron Walden Community Football Club (SWCFC) Officials:
Executive Team:
Co-Chairmen: Martin Johnson, Matt Clare | Martin, Matt
Secretary: Keith Mullins | Keith
Treasurer: Vince Taylor | Vince
Child Welfare Officers: Kat Sturgeon, Lucy Bass | Kat, Lucy
Vice Chairman: Tony Saward | Tony
Please contact Keith Mullins for further information. keith.mullins@swcfc.org.uk
Age Group Leads: (with email contacts)
Mini Soccer
 Mini Soccer School - Matt Clare | Matt email | Mini Soccer School Information Booklet
 U7 - Richard Hardy | Richard email
 U8 - Stuart Shepherd | Stuart email
 U9 - Mark Astbury | Mark email
 U10 - Richard Hardy | Richard email
 U11 - Dan Barden | Dan email
Colts Soccer
 U12 - Keith Mullins | Keith email
 U13 - Tony Saward | Tony email
 U14 - Vince Taylor | Vince email
 U15 - Martin Johnson | Martin email
 U16 - Jeanette O'Keefe | Jeanette email
 U17 - Kat Sturgeon | Kat email
 U18 - Mike Riccio | Mike email
To find the right age group contact for 2017/18 season, consider the school year your child will be in from September 2017.
U7 to U11 are school years 2 to 6
U12 to U16 are school years 7 to 11
Most children will play in these year groups and occasionally they can play up 1 year.
Club email addresses are FirstName.LastName@swcfc.org.uk.

Club Roles:
 Press Officer: Martin Johnson
 Respect Officer: Martin Johnson (Colts League), Matt Clare (Mini League)
 Charter Standard Coordindator: Matt Clare
 Volunteer Coordindator: Vince Taylor
 Schools Liaison Officer: Stephen Inkley
 Registration Secretary: Keith Mullins
 Fixtures Secretary: Keith Mullins
 Webmaster: Keith Mullins
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